Soulful Words for the Healing Heart by Arielle Coree

Writing has always been an outlet during difficult times and has felt like the purest form of self-expression to me. Because of this love for writing, creating a book has always been a dream of mine. This dream felt attainable at times and like an unrealistic fantasy at others. What would I write? Would anyone actually read it? 

In August of 2017, the story seas of Chronic Lyme ravage through my life and nearly swallowed me whole. I went through months of treatment, which led to depression and an extremely clouded mind. I quickly began to notice how the long, poetic and complex lines I once wrote became a heartbreaking struggle and resulted in total frustration. My style of writing shifted. My whole life shifted. I went months without writing much of anything.

Lyme has changed everything but, there was this deep burning passion buried underneath it all and I refused to allow Lyme to steal this life long dream of mine. So, I embraced this new style of writing and for well over a year, I have feverishly written in journals, typed on my phone and computer, scribbled on the sides of cups and backs of napkins, and recorded voice memos when I couldn't bare to hold a pen. This month, the dream came full circle. 

On May 17th, 2019 I published my first book and by May 18th, 2019 it went LIVE on Amazon and quickly hit the #1 for the New Release in Poetry written by women and #8 for the Best Seller in Poetry written by women categories on Amazon. This book is a collection of poetry and soul musings for the healing heart. Here is a little sneak peak from the introduction section: 

"Within these pages of my book you will find the unfiltered and spirit filled words of my soul. Some of these were written in the depths of depression, while others were written to capture the fleeting moments of hope, light and empowerment. Some are directly related to my personal healing journey with Lyme and others are simply a tribute to life in this world as a soulful and highly sensitive woman with dreams larger than the Universe itself. There is no right or wrong way to experience this collection of thoughts. You can read it from cover to cover, or you can use it to accompany your morning tea by intuitively flipping to whatever page feels right in the moment. There is no table of contents, no order, no expectation, no pressure, and no preaching within this bound collection. It is merely a glimpse into the soul of a woman finding her way in life and sending love, light and healing to those she encounters. So, let these words fill your soul, cradle your heart and ignite within you a sense of passion, purpose and above all...magic. Write in the pages, doggy ear the corners, let it get cooked in the sun. This is a co-creation. I invite your thoughts, your feelings and your energy to dance among my words and blanket these pages like the stars do the sky. Don't just read what is written. Feel it. Taste it. Live it". 


Let this be proof that you are capable of magical things even amidst a season of hardship. 


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"The author of this book is true light. Her words are written from her heart and upon reading, touch any needed healing spaces within..."